It's Canadian Thanksgiving, and what are we thankful for?

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...Happy Customers! The ToursByLocals office staff is just returning to work from a long weekend. Americans might celebrate Thanksgiving in November, but up here in Canada it's an October affair, full of colourful leaves, family get-togethers, a bountiful harvest and lots of turkey.

It was lovely to return to the office (with leftover turkey sandwiches in hand) and start our work week with the kind of email every company dreams of receiving:

Dear ToursByLocals Team:

I am really impressed! This offer to redeem the insurance premium on our tours is an exceptional piece of public relations and an unheard-of act of generosity towards your clients. I'm yours for life. Not just because of this, but also because of the excellence of your service and your guides. It starts with your website which is very well set up and easy to negotiate. Your quick and clear response to my inquiries and the feeling of connecting with competent and experienced people gave me great confidence in the whole process. To get the name and details of our guide and be able to communicate with her beforehand also adds to the confidence quotient.

I have passed on to my travel agent the link to your site. I know she and her other clients will be pleased.

Virginia W.

Emails like this get circulated around our office and today's definitely made for a "warm and fuzzy" start to the week!

Thanks to Virginia who took the time to so clearly articulate what makes her a happy customer. We'll keep doing what we're doing, which is trying to deliver the best possible travel experience, from the initial trip planning stages through to tour delivery.

We encourage all of our travelers to call or write to us to share their experiences. And not just the accolades, but the areas where you think we could improve our service delivery. These emails get sent around the office too, and help us craft our plans for future changes to the ToursByLocals user experience.
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