Craft Beer in Vancouver

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Last night the ToursByLocals crew in Vancouver got to enjoy one of our tours as participants, rather than organizers. Guide Jenn P in Vancouver has a new Craft Beer Tour that showcases Vancouver's burgeoning craft beer scene to visitors. With a crew of journalists from the UK scheduled to take the tour on Sunday, she decided to do a dry (wet?) run with office staff on Wednesday night.

Matt, Tomas, Jessica, Alex, Michael and James met Jenn at Brassneck Brewery on Main Street after work. Strolling down Main St, they got to sample flights of craft beers from several different breweries that have popped up in the last few years. Along the way they learned the local history of "brewery creek" where enterprising brew-masters set up shop back in the late 1800s.

Some of last night's favourite brews included "Blichmann's Finger", "33 Acres of Life", and the "Back Hand of God Stout". (With names like these, you've got to try them.)

It was great to get a new perspective on our own city, learn a bit of history and mingle with each other and the after-work crowd in the city's Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood. Thanks to Jenn for organizing!
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