Sample Cognac at a Private Estate with our Newest French Guide

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A double-distilled brandy is one of life's great pleasures, and Cognac has become famous the world over for its rich aroma, smooth taste and warm, amber colour. Sipping some of this fine liquid on a visit to the charming French region where it's produced is a truly sublime experience.

We've recently partnered with a local guide who was born and raised in Cognac, and who has personal connections to local cognac producers. What does this mean for ToursByLocals travelers? It means you now have the chance to not only sip cognac in Cognac, but to meet the fine men and women whose families have been growing grapes here for centuries.

Sebastian can take travelers to a small, historic estate that has been owned by the same family since 1610, and where three generations have produced cognac. You can visit the cellars and the vineyards, and of course taste the liquid fruits of their labours. You will also have the chance to sample a lesser known beverage, Pineau des Charentes, at a family estate in Petite Champagne. This local aperitif is made from fresh grape juice and the "eaux-de-vie" that defines cognac.

We're very happy to introduce Sebastian to you. If you're planning a trip to Cognac, make sure you contact him so you can be privy to his insider knowledge of this beautiful region of western France.
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