Five Things to do in Casablanca: tips from a local guide

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Have you ever been to Morocco? The nation is a fascinating fusion of Mediterranean and North African cultures, and its diverse influences are reflected in its unique architectural styles and cuisine. Mohamed, a guide in Casablanca, is here today to share with us five suggestions on how to enjoy his legendary hometown.

Today Casablanca is the largest city in the Maghreb; despite its size, the city retains a very real charm, thanks in large measure to different attractions. Here are some of my personal recommendations:

1. ENTER HASSAN II MOSQUE. This great mosque is a MUST SEE, it’s the third biggest in the world and it’s very beautiful! The entire structure, which covers a total area of 24, 000 square meters, is designed on a gigantic scale! This mosque is nothing like any other you've seen before!

2. DISCOVER THE CITY’S ART DECO ARCHITECTURE. In the French-built part of the central districts of the city, visitors can see very interesting decorative details on the façades of residential and administrative buildings in Art Nouveau and Art Deco Style. Motifs taken from Renaissance, Neoclassical and Moorish traditions are also incorporated.

3. EXPLORE THE MEDINA QUARTER OF HABBOUS. With its small squares and narrow, arcaded streets it is a fine example of the successful adaptation of modern town planning to the traditional role of the medina. The copper and brass market is an interesting place to be discovered.

4. HAVE LOCAL FOOD IN A TRADITIONAL RESTAURANT. One of the must-do things in Morocco is to have a tajine, the traditional Moroccan dish named after the earthenware vessel with the cone-shaped lid in which meat, fish and vegetables are slowly cooked. There are a variety of different types of tajine to choose from, and don’t forget to also have a Moroccan tea with mint, it’s the Moroccan national drink!

5. SEE THE CORNICHE. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a stroll along Boulevard de la Corniche which is bordered by an un-interrupted sweep of beaches, swimming pools, cafés, hotels and restaurants. If you have time, you can have a drink and breathe the sea air, while enjoying the nice weather of Casablanca!

If any travellers are headed to Casablanca in 2012 (or beyond!) you can get in touch with Mohamed for more great ideas on how to spend your time exploring this fabled Moroccan city.
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