Cape Town: Seen Through the Eyes of a Local Guide

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South Africa – the complicated, beautiful “rainbow” nation – is on many travelers’ wish lists. If you go, the city of Cape Town, with its dramatic setting of ocean and mountain, is a must-visit. Our local guide Brenda joins us today to describe a typical day with a local guide in her South African hometown.

If you are the type of tourist that likes to walk around as fast as possible with a “been there, seen that” attitude, checking items off your list while you wait with hordes of other tourists at a generic commercial restaurant...well, then local tour guides probably aren’t for you.

As a discerning, independent traveller; however, experiencing Cape Town with a local tour guide can provide you with additional information and a local perspective that allows you to delve deeper into the culture of the people and the fantastic South African city you are exploring.

If you would very much rather go for an experience that would stay with you for the rest of your life, than the more forgettable “been there” tour, you would absolutely enjoy being with me as I show my guests Cape Town’s local spots - especially the “off the beaten track” ones.

When you are shown Cape Town from a local’s perspective and get to interact with the people who live here, you see the real Cape Town, a melting pot of cultures. And it’s a fascinating place.
Imagine walking through Cape Town’s busy city centre and being introduced to African street vendors displaying arts and crafts from all over the continent, seeing a solitary musician strumming his guitar in the park, drinking rich coffee in a side street cafe, walking through the Cape Town Company Gardens with squirrels coming to greet you and tame doves scooping up the odd bread crumb and peanut. When you get hungry, you get to eat fish out of tin plates or – even better - be welcomed into a local resident’s home to experience home cooked traditional Cape Malayan Koeksisters (a traditional sticky spicy treat, that is so yummy). Eating divine “Petit Fours” from a local bakery, sharing the past and the present history with the locals and buying spices in a side street is just the beginning of what you will experience with a local guide.

There is almost no end as to what a local guide can add to your stay in one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. See and understand more of it: join me on a day trip to share and experience the cultures of Cape Town.

If you’re traveling to Cape Town, and are the type of traveler who enjoys uncovering a city in this way, get in touch with Brenda before you go! She can customize a few hours, or a full day of exploring the many sides of Cape Town.
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