ToursByLocals Boat Tours: See a New City By Water!

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Seeing a city from the water gives us a whole new perspective that we lack while experiencing it from the ground. If you’ve been to Vancouver, you’ve probably walked through the dense heart of historic Gastown. But you wouldn’t know until you hopped on a sea bus (a part of our public transit system that ferries people from downtown to the North Shore) that the old buildings and railyards of Gastown create a striking and distinctive skyline that contrasts with the soaring glass towers dominating most of the city.

This fresh urban perspective we get from the water makes boat tours a wonderful way to see a new city. Many of our guides recognise this, and offer tours of their cities that focus on experiencing it from the water – whether that be an ocean harbour, canal, river or lake. Below we’ve listed just a few of them; perhaps it will inspire you to hop on board a boat the next time you head to a new city!

Six of our Favourite Private Boat Tours

Gert in Amsterdam
Sure you can squeeze onto a canal boat with a hundred other tourists and pre-recorded commentary on Amsterdam’s sites…or you can hire your own boat and captain! Gert will take you winding through the city’s historic canals, and bring along a picnic basket and wine for a leisurely lunch at a picnic spot along the way.

Tim in Stockholm
Enjoy a noise- and pollution-free experience on an electric boat in Stockholm! With your guide Tim at the helm, you can see the city from its best side as you travel the procession route of the royal wedding boat Vasaorden from Galärvarvet to the Royal Palace.

Joe in Vietnam
Joe is proud to be the first kayak tour organizer in his area of Vietnam, which includes the Mekong River, Saigon River, Dalat Lake, Nha Trang River/Sea, Hoian, and Hue. With him as your private guide, you'll explore life on the Mekong River, where you can enjoy floating markets, and Vietnamese lunch at a local restaurant on the banks of the river.

Andres in Buenos Aires
Just north of Buenos Aires lies Tigre, a suburban town on the Paraná Delta. As our guide Andres will show you in his private boat, Delta locals or "isleños" have adapted very well to living by the water. On a boat ride through the rivers and streams of Tigre, you have a chance to see how the waterways are a part of local life, filled with market-boats, bus-boats, taxi-boats and more.

Oguz in Istanbul
Imagine a boat that ferries you between two continents in mere minutes! This is the experience of a Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul, where one moment sees you in European waters, and the next at an Asian port. From the boat you can sail past Istanbul's historic Ottoman palaces, wooden 19th century waterfront mansions, palaces and fortresses.

Bella in Venice
Bella offers a combined photography/boating tour in the most watery of cities...Venice! Enjoy the romance of a private gondola ride through Venice's Grand Canal, and the quieter minor canals that wind through the city, under bridges, and into the heart of Venice. Soak it all in while your photographer/guide captures the beautiful moments through the lens of her camera.

These tours are just a tiny sampling of the boat tours offered by ToursByLocals guides. From Budapest to Dubai, the Seychelles to Iguazu Falls, hundreds of opportunities exist to experience life on the water.
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