Bird-Watching Tours: from Tierra del Fuego to Thailand

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While we were meeting customers at the New York Times Travel Show this winter, we received a number of inquiries from travelers interested in bird-watching tours. They wanted to combine their passion for travel with their love of birding, but were finding it challenging to find suitable guides to help.

This niche travel activity has grown increasingly popular in recent years, and we have wildlife-expert guides in many parts of the world that are meeting the demand. We haven't featured them before, but with the recent inquiries, we figured it was time to bring these tours out of the shadows! Below is a sampling of the birding tours our guides offer, from places as far flung as Patagonia, Madagascar and northern Thailand.

See Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrikes, the Long-tailed and Scarlet Minivets, the Golden-fronted and Orange-bellied Leafbirds – and many more with Chindana in Doi Suthep National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Sobieszewska Island, near Gdansk Poland, is a natural point of rest for birds following migration routes. Spot them with local guide Margaret.

The Kathmandu Valley hosts 50% of the bird species found in Nepal. See birds like the long-tailed Broadbill, Grey-sided Laughingthrush and Asian-barred owlet, among others.

The heaviest bird that ever existed, the Elephant Bird, lived in
Madagascar and may have become extinct a mere 300 years ago. Of the nearly 200 nesting bird species here, over 100 are endemic to Madagascar, making this place a true birder’s paradise. Jenita is your expert guide here.

Go birdwatching at the ends of the earth in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Gaston will show you the myriad species who make their home here, including Condors, Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral Pygmy-owl, Caracaras, Austral Parakeets, Thorn tailed-rayadito and many more.

Visit the wetlands (Baikka Bill) in Bangladesh to view thousands of migratory birds, or perhaps Lawachara National Park, where your guide Messbaul will help you spot Hill Mynas, Hornbills and Emerald doves.

South Africa
While everyone else is in search of the Big Five, you can bushwalk through South Africa’s Kruger National Park in search of the park’s magnificent birdlife. Your specialist birding guide here is Stefan.

Icelandic guide Guðrún can take you on a birding tour just outside Reykjavik, to see the many seabirds that thrive near Iceland’s cliff areas.

Hummingbirds, parrots and warblers, oh my! See Dominica’s colourful birdlife with Elvis, an experienced botanist and ecologist.

Heading to Iguassu Falls? Marcelo can take you on an unforgettable nighttime walk through Iguassu Forest, where you can look for owls, nightjars, potoos and nighthawks.

If you're an avid bird-watcher, please feel free to get in touch with our office staff to ask about guides who offer birding tours in other parts of the world.
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