ToursByLocals Guide Makes Headlines in Vancouver

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One of our Vancouver-based guides made headlines last week with a full-colour photo on the cover of the Vancouver Westender publication. His talent? Unicycling!

Alvin has achieved “icon” status in Vancouver’s West End, with his daily unicycle rides along the Sea Wall and through the city’s busy downtown streets. He has become a part of many Vancouverites’ days; office workers, seniors, gardeners all know when to expect him to ride by, and are ready with a wave when he does.

While most people associate Vancouver with sweeping mountain vistas and un-crowded beaches, Alvin’s West End neighbourhood is actually reputed to be the densest urban pocket west of Manhattan. Parking is a scarce commodity, so a unicycle isn’t a bad way to get around!

Alvin offers cycle tours to visitors hoping to experience Vancouver on two wheels. If you’d like to see the city in the company of one of its more unusual living icons, you can start a conversation with Alvin here: Alvin’s Cycle Tours of Vancouver.
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