Berlin: Tips From a Local Guide

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Willkommen in Berlin! Chock full of world-class museums, bustling nightlife, fashion, art, design and music, Berlin is Germany's undisputed culture capital. Need more reasons to visit? Our local Berlin guide Martin shares a few in today's blog.

Hi everyone, I'm Martin from Berlin! Brought up and raised in West-Germany and Berlin but educated in the UK, I have an MA from Bath University and a PhD from Warwick. However, after some serious soul-searching I've eventually found my vocation in becoming a certified, professional tour guide. And as such I love nothing more than showing visitors to my city sights, spots, buildings, and so on, which are not necessarily on people's radar. Places that are off the beaten track. And there, Berlin has many!

Did you know that Berlin is five times as big as Paris and is roughly the same size as New York City? I bet you didn't! But given the sheer size of Berlin, you'll agree that it takes more than just a few days to even remotely get to know this city. Also, it is my firm belief that, if ever there was a city that practically necessitates a tour-guide, it's Berlin, not just because it's so vast, but also because Berlin is a city that you're likely to fall in love with at second sight since it doesn't have the obvious, in-your-face beauty that,say, Rome, Paris, or Venice have. But once you get to know the many of faces of Berlin - I'd be surprised if its very diversity, the variety of all the neighborhoods, the many small discoveries along the way, didn't win you over. Especially in the summer.

Summer! Did you know that there are more than a hundred lakes and ponds in and around Berlin, some of which you can swim in and some of which even have sandy beaches? This and much more is what I'd like to introduce you to. But let's not forget about all those fabulous museums - there's an old saying that goes "Berlin has more museums than rainy days!" - not to mention a burgeoning gastro-scene with an abundance of restaurants that cater to every taste, no matter what - including some of the hottest Michelin-star eateries!

Among the many reasons why I became a tour-guide is the fact that I love opening people's eyes to the many secrets Berlin has to offer, plus the fact that you can't beat Berlin in the summer, and, of course, the fact that Berlin is a city that's forever changing, with new museums opening practically on an annual basis. This year it'll be the Humboldt Forum, next year it'll be the Museum for Flight, Deportation and Reconciliation, and so it goes on. But surely the most fascinating aspect of my job is that I get to meet people from all over the world, so that sometimes I feel like I no longer have to go on vacation myself for the world comes to me!

So how about making YOUR next vacation one that takes you to my city? I already look forward to being your guide!

Heading to Berlin? Send Martin a message through his guide profile and he’ll customize the perfect day for you!
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