Witness the Salmon Run on Vancouver Island

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This is a special time in BC - the annual salmon run is taking place throughout the province. In many places it's already finished, but not on Vancouver Island, where salmon can be spotted fighting their way upstream until early December. Our local Victoria guide, Elizabeth, tells us where we need to go to witness this miracle of nature.

One of the world’s most fascinating mysteries happens right here where I live in Victoria, BC! The salmon run. Born in the local rivers and streams of BC and then living their adult life in the sea, the salmon return four years later to spawn. They somehow find their way back to the very streams where they were born to lay their eggs and give life to the newborn, who are destined to repeat the cycle.

Each November and December, year after year, with amazing precision Chum, Coho, Chinook and Steelhead salmon make their way up the streams of Victoria’s stunning Provincial Park where they arrive by the thousands to this key spawning ground and are a true wonder to behold.

To the First Nation people, the salmon symbolizes instinct, determination, persistence, and provision of life, prosperity, dependability and the renewal of life. You can see why these traits are attributed to salmon when you enter the forests of Goldstream Park and witness the salmon make their arduous way upstream to spawn and to give birth to a new generation.

Nature abounds here. You may witness first hand the grandeur of the Bald Eagle, and venturing along the forest trails to the estuaries you will see giant red cedars, maples, and firs, some of which are 600 years old, and thousands of enormous ferns that line the streams. Salmon provide rich nutrients to the soil for the trees and plants of this enchanting forest that is habitat to so many birds and wildlife.

For the more adventurous, take a short hike to enjoy the beauty of a 47 meter high waterfall and above it, in the mountain top a breathtaking sight: a train trestle built in the early 1900s and in use until just a few years ago, where you can walk in the clouds above the trees.

So if you are looking for a magical experience, full of nature, mystery and awe. Take a step off the beaten path and witness nature at its best in Victoria, British Columbia.

If you’d like to experience the wilds of British Columbia, only minutes from the province’s capital, get in touch with Elizabeth through her guide profile to arrange a private tour to Goldstream Park.
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