Four Fabulous Cafes to Try in Barcelona

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Are you traveling to Barcelona this fall or winter? In between sightseeing the city’s many monuments, museums and art galleries, you’ll likely want to join the locals enveloping themselves in the warmth of the city’s many excellent cafés. Our Barcelona guide, Francisco has scoped out some of the best cafes in town for their atmosphere, coffee and history, so no matter what neighbourhood you’re exploring, you’ll be able to rest your feet in style.

Most of my clients are from the U.S. and Canada and they are always amazed by our city’s long history and monuments. Once you have strolled for a few hours around Barcelona, you’ll likely be looking for a place to have a break, sit down, and enjoy a coffee or other beverage. For a few minutes you change your point of view, and let the city walk around you.

Here are my suggestions for the most atmospheric and authentic local cafes to rest your feet and people-watch:

Meson del Cafe (Neighbourhood: Gothic Quarter)

Most of the local people agree that here is where you can taste the best coffee served in Barcelona. It is located in the neighbourhood of the Gothic Quarter. In this place you can taste coffee, cappuccino, "chocolate con churros". The house speciality is called "Picardia" made with coffee, condensed milk and whiskey.

Tèxtil Café (Neighbourhood: Born)

Located in one of the most special terraces in the old city of Barcelona. Quiet and intimate, the café is in the Museu Tèxtil i d'Indumentària, in the courtyard of a medieval palace. The lighting at night makes it stand out, emphasizing its architecture and becoming a very romantic set up. Ideal for relaxing over a "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk), snack or their Menu. (Now the place is being renamed to the Cafe DHUB.)

Café del Centre (Neighbourhood: L'Eixample)

The Café del Centre is an old Coffee House opened in 1873. Decorated with antique furniture, wooden chairs and marble tables, they even have an old piano. You can enjoy a good hot chocolate or tea, while reading the books that they have at your disposal.

Raïm 1886 (Neighbourhood: Gracia)

This old winery was founded in 1886, specializing in quality rum and mojitos. Here you will find all Cuban brands of rum difficult to find anywhere else in Barcelona. To accompany the drinks they offer some "tapas" like olives, chips, sausages and cheese boards. Decorated with Cuban photos, wine barrels, marble tables and an old fridge. The atmosphere is friendly and bohemian, much like the neighbourhood of Gracia. This is a real neighbourhood tavern.

A tip: If you do not like the strong coffee (café expreso) served in all of the Mediterranean countries ask for a "Cafe Americano". It is a coffee espresso diluted with water and sugar. Can also try the decaf coffee and the very common "cafe con leche" coffee with milk.

Thanks Francisco! Any traveler headed to Barcelona in 2013 should consider getting in touch with Franc to organize a private tour around his beloved home town. Bonus: Franc is also a professional photographer, and will prepare a gorgeous photo book of your day in Barcelona with him.
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