Five Fabulous Adventures in Bali

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When many people think of Bali, the primary images that come to mind are exotic black sand beaches and lingering sunsets. But what to do once you’re bored with lazing around in paradise? Our local Balinese expert, Mully, is jumping in today to share his suggestions for the top 5 things activities to try around the stunning island of Bali, Indonesia.

1) Off road cycling adventures
Use a bicycle to see the traditional life in a natural way. Experience the magic of a classic village ride through quaint Balinese villages and revel in the opportunity to gain a unique insight into Balinese daily life and culture. Visit a Balinese plantation, a village temple, and also go for a short walk through the rice paddies. You can experience firsthand what it is like to grow, harvest and process rice. You can also visit a traditional Balinese housing compound to see exactly how the Balinese live and breathe the spirit of this magical island.

2) White water rafting
One of Bali's best known activities is white water rafting and there are several rivers offering this action-packed adventure. This is a completely safe activity that utilizes international equipment and safety standards and provides an opportunity to experience the untouched tranquil beauty of the mountainous river flow. Expert guides will give you an insight into the river ecology and amaze you with their dexterity and skills. Discover hidden waterfalls, swim in the current and feel the thrills of river paradise.

3) Elephant Riding
Ride an elephant while relaxing on a teak chair placed on its back – a truly once in a lifetime experience. From on top of the animal, you can enjoy fresh air, views of the terraced paddy fields with hills as the back ground in the eastern side. As part of your ride, you will also be able to directly observe the villagers' activities and at certain times, you may be fortunate enough to witness the ritual ceremony, cremation ceremony, temple ceremony and others.

4) Sun rise active volcano climbing
Trek to the top of the active volcano of Mount Batur; climb to the crater in the dark and catch the magnificent sight of the red sky when it appears during the sun’s first light. How many times in life will you enjoy the beauty of sunrise from the top of a volcano? After experiencing a stunning morning view, you climb down to the black sandy lava which was flowing during the eruptions. Head to Toya Bongkah natural hot spring and refresh your body in natural hot spring swimming pool.

5) Cooking class
Bali cooking is a creative process that is simple and a lot of fun. In cooking class you will learn the techniques and become familiar with the fresh herb, spices, and other ingredients that make Balinese food delightfully tasty as well as nutritious and cleansing.

If you would like to explore Bali in the company of a friendly local guide, and have some terrific adventures along the way, you can get in touch with Mully here: Mully’s Guide Page.
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