Tragedy in Ankara, Turkey

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Like all of you, we were shocked and saddened to hear about the tragedy in Ankara, Turkey this past weekend. It was particularly upsetting to hear about these violent acts during Thanksgiving weekend in Canada – a time of peace and gratitude spent with family and loved ones.

We have checked in with our guides in Ankara and the rest of Turkey, and are relieved to find them and their families safe and sound, although they are of course deeply distressed at the terrorist attacks that took place in their nation’s capital.

Neither we nor our guides want visitors to fear travelling to Turkey, and the US State Department has not elevated the level of caution prescribed for travel in that country. Istanbul is one of the busiest destinations for our travellers, and our guides there benefit greatly from being involved in your travel plans. Indeed, one of our own staff members is headed to Turkey for a 3-week long trip next month, and has no intention of changing his plans in the wake of what’s happened.

However, we understand that some travellers may decide to change their travel plans, and to accommodate those travellers, we will offer full refunds on tours booked to Ankara. Please contact our customer support team via phone or email if you find yourself in this situation.
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