Amsterdam Guide Meet-Up

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We have a lovely group of local guides in Amsterdam, who had "met" each other online, but not in person. Last week they decided to get together for an evening of shared drinks (courtesy of the TBL office team) and conversation.

Vincent, Frank, Karen, Frances and Yvonne met up in the centre of Amsterdam, at an atmospheric café named "De Waag" (weigh house - you can see it in the photos above). Yvonne told us that it was originally a city gate and part of the old walls of Amsterdam. In the past, the building also served as a guildhall, museum and anatomical theatre.

The guides learned that while they are all passionate local experts on their city, their tours are markedly different from one another. Some focus more on art, some on history, some on multi-culturalism, some on food...when you meet up with one of these local guides, you get to harvest the fruits of a lifetime of learning!

They also gave us some great feedback on how the ToursByLocals system is working for them, and what could be changed to make it even better. We thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful suggestions. And we're so glad that we've been able to facilitate the starts of more friendships - not just between guides and travelers, but among the guides themselves.

The Amsterdam guides have already planned to meet up again, and hopefully the missing guides (Stefka, Rino and René) will be a part of that gathering.
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