Introducing the Latest TBL Addition: Alaska!

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One of the newest additions to ToursByLocals is a guide who lives and works in a place many travelers have their eye on: Alaska. Based out of Anchorage, Steve has been guiding for 11 years and is equally comfortable being a guide-about-town as he is on multi-day wilderness excursions.

As Steve explains, Anchorage is the perfect base to explore the Alaskan outdoors. Travelers can relax among the comforts of a cosmopolitan city, but still be only a 15 minute drive from the edge of true wilderness. And what a wilderness! Moose, grizzlies, mountain panoramas and crisp glacial lakes. It's a playground in both summer and winter, so long as you have the right gear! Steve likes to snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter, and mountain bike, hike and play frisbee golf (yes, it is a real sport) in the summer.

With his wide range of knowledge and experiences, Steve prides himself on being able to offer tours that are custom tailored to a particular group's interests - in a relaxed manner. As he says, "Alaskans like to take our time and enjoy life. My tours reflect this lifestyle."

If you're headed to Alaska this summer, send Steve a message! He's eager to share with you the many charms of his rugged and beautiful state.
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