Private tours more economical than bus tours - who knew?

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ToursByLocals was recently featured in the Globe and Mail (Canada’s National Newspaper), who ran a piece comparing the merits of private tours versus large group tours. The surprising result was that in most travel circumstances, it was actually more economical for a small group (i.e. a family of 4 and even a couple travelling together) to hire a private guide for a customized day tour, rather than pay for individual spots on a more generic bus tour.

Here is a link to the Globe article: Private Guide The Cheapest Way to See the Sights.

And to make travel dollars stretch even further, many cruise ship passengers are connecting with other passengers prior to their sailing, making new friends on online discussion boards like CruiseCritic, and banding together to hire private guides at their ports of call. They end up paying a fraction of the cost of the ship’s standard shore excursions.

So don’t discount hiring a private guide as a travel luxury you can’t afford; crunch the numbers and you may find that a small, customized private tour can actually end up being cheaper (not to mention all the other benefits you'll enjoy, like flexibility, spontaneity and authenticity) than a standard bus tour.
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