India V. Pakistan

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It was a match for the ages. Today two South Asian rivals, India and Pakistan, met up in the semi-final match of the Cricket World Cup.

Now in North America cricket's barely a blip on the radar of sports fans. In fact, Canadians have such a poor international reputation as players of the sport, that "to play like a Canadian" is widely understood to mean losing badly. (We're too busy winning gold medals in hockey to let this hurt our feelings!)

But after soccer, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, and in South Asia the game is a national passion, culminating with this week's fever of World Cup excitement. Today the nations of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (who will be playing in the final) virtually shut down for business, as companies sent workers home or brought large screen TVs into offices to watch the game.

Today's winner? India. And so they will face Sri Lanka on Saturday, for the first ever all-South-Asian championship match. The host city of Mumbai will be THE place to be this weekend, with people offering upwards of 30,000 rupees (and even reports of desperate fans offering kidneys!) for a chance to witness the historic game.
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