Learn to Cook in Ho Chi Minh City

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Today we’d like to feature a tour that we feel embodies the spirit of ToursByLocals. We believe traveling to new places is about so much more than seeing the sights; it’s about meeting new friends, learning firsthand about the local customs and environment, and leaving a place feeling you’ve gained some genuine cultural understanding. One great way to do this is by eating!

Wherever we travel, we find food is always central to a culture; the cultivation, preparation and sharing of food strengthens bonds between individuals and communities. Discovering local cuisine is a wonderfully satisfying way to learn about the specific ingredients, rituals and customs that go into sharing a meal. And it’s fun! Cooking and enjoying a meal with someone is a great way to make a new friend.

Mai, a friendly and popular guide in Ho Chi Minh City, recently created a tour that brings visitors right into her family’s kitchen. She’ll come find you at your hotel or cruise ship, then take you for a shopping trip through a local market where she’ll help you source fresh ingredients for a delicious Vietnamese meal. Then it’s back to Mai’s house where you’ll get a private cooking lesson from Mai, her mother and sister. Once the meal is ready, sit down together and enjoy the delicious local dish you’ve prepared from scratch! Mai will even send you home with your own Vietnamese recipe book so you can try to re-create your meal for friends back home. For those looking for a fun and authentic local travel experience, does it get any better that this?

To get in touch with Mai and learn more about her thoughtfully designed tours of Saigon, visit Mai's guide profile page.
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