Uncovering Renaissance architecture (and some good nosh) in the “Palladian City”

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Have you ever been to Vicenza? Sometimes overlooked by its nearby neighbour, Venice, this beautiful city in the heartland of Italy’s Veneto region, deserves more than a passing glance. Today Ruben, our guide in beautiful Vicenza, shares what makes his part of Italy so special.

"Whereas Palladio's designs for public works, churches, mansions, and villas rank among the most outstanding architectural achievements of the Italian Renaissance;
- Whereas Palladio's surviving buildings are collectively included in the UNESCO World Heritage List;
- Whereas Palladio's treatise, ''The Four Books of Architecture'', ranks as the most influential publication on architecture ever produced and has shaped much of the architectural image of Western civilization…"

With these words, the Congress of the United States recognizes Andrea Palladio's tremendous influence on architecture in the United States. But who is Palladio? An Italian Renaissance architect, he is widely recognised as the most influential individual in the history of Western architecture. His precious masterpieces are situated in Vicenza’s city center and surrounding area of Vicenza, which is known all over the world as the “Palladian City”.

But Vicenza offers many more interesting things to see and visit, including the Palladian Basilica, the Teatro Olimpico (the oldest covered Roman theatre in the world) Palazzo Thiene, Palazzo Barbaran da Porto and Palazzo Iseppo da Porto, and so many more.

The city of Vicenza not only feeds our eyes with beautiful sights, satisfies our thirst for culture and historical knowledge, but it also fills our stomachs! Once here, the visitor must taste the unique Baccalà alla Vicentina, the most famous dish of the local gastronomy, the delicious sorpressa, a kind of salami, Asiago cheese, produced in the nearby Alps, the black truffles of the Berici Hills, unfold upwards from the city. Let's not forget the famous asparagus of Bassano with eggs or rice accompanied with several wines from the four wine growing areas. And, besides wine, there is the famous grappa of Bassano, a unique distillate.

Foodies, architecture buffs, culture lovers, consummate Italianates, what are you waiting for? Head to masterful Vicenza, where treasures await you around every corner. If you’d like to start a conversation with Ruben about everything that’s waiting for you there, visit his Guide Profile Page.
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