A Day in Varna, Bulgaria: Local Tips

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Varna, Bulgaria has become a popular port of call for cruise ships sailing through Eastern Europe. One of the prettiest sail-ins on the Black Sea, it’s also a magnet for summer crowds. We asked our popular Bulgarian guide Dany how to make the most of your time in Varna.

Dany’s response: You definitely don’t want to mix with the crowds in the most visited tourist sites. You are probably dreaming of a different and relaxing, but at the same time marvelous and memorable experience, an experience to remember.

First thing you should do to get in the holiday spirit: go to beautiful Varna beach, where you can enjoy a short walk on the fine, “gold” sand and dip into the sea. The water of the Black Sea is clean, warm and half as salty as the Mediterranean. There are no tides, no predatory fish, even no jelly fish and the sea bottom is sandy and shallow.

After your sea bath, you should sit in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants located right on the beach. All of them offer a good selection of local dishes and drinks. While admiring the stunning view of the sea, the surf of the waves and the flight of the seagulls you should try a pint of local beer with a fresh seafood dish. If you don’t like seafood, you can taste traditional Bulgarian cuisine with a glass of Bulgarian wine. Fascinated with the majestic charm and energy of the Sea you should stroll through our Sea Park where you will enjoy the perfect combination of the interesting landscape, the plant varieties and the lovely gardens together with calmness, quietness and coolness.

There are several mineral water springs in Varna with proven curative powers. So if you want to fill up your own bottle for free just tap into the mineral springs on your way and there’s no limit to the size or number of the bottles you fill.

If you want to buy a souvenir you can walk along the pedestrian area which is lined with many shops where everyone is spoiled for choice. If you want to see the Modern Bulgarian Art you should visit some of the Art Galleries.

I believe these will be fun and relaxing experiences to remember my city. I hope to see you there soon!

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