Adventures in Uzbekistan

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Even among the most intrepid globetrotters, it’s a select few who have traveled to Central Asia. These days the “’Stans” don’t register strongly on people’s travel radar – but they should.

We recently added a new guide to our network – Aziz in Uzbekistan. Born in Samarkand and now living in Tashkent, he’s passionate and deeply knowledgeable about his homeland. While reading about Uzbekistan in order to write our latest destination landing page, my interest was piqued, especially by the country’s ancient cities. The descriptions of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, with their dazzling medressas, striking desert architecture and tumultuous history, were enthralling. I could just imagine spending hours wandering through their bustling bazaars, eating street food at local stalls and finding the perfect café to sit and watch the world go by. Here is the page we created: Private Uzbekistan Tours.

One thing we’d recommend doing before you go (and this advice stands for pretty much every place you choose to travel!) is educating yourself about the region’s history. Do a bit of reading. From Alexander the Great to Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan has been largely influenced by its leaders. For some great travel reading, A Carpet Ride to Khiva, by Christopher Aslan, is a great book for anyone looking to understand the culture, traditions and superstitions of the Uzbek people.
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