Trinidad and Tobago Wins "Best Tourist Destination in the World" for 2012

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The tiny island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has just won the world’s largest travel and tourism award. This fall, the European Union Council on Tourism and Trade voted Trinidad and Tobago as the Best Tourist Destination in the World for 2012, and the Favourite Cultural Destination. The designation of the World's Best Tourist Destination is the highest honour to be awarded for a country's achievements in tourism.

This is the first time a country in the Western hemisphere has won the award.

The award is offered to countries that have complied with EU’s principles of “fair tourism, ethical tourism and safety standards and the historic preservation of cultural sites". Trinidad and Tobago’s respect for culture and traditions offers tourists a possibility to participate in an impressive number of festivals such as Holi, Hosay, Divali, the Tobago Heritage Festival, Tobago Fest and Trinidad's “greatest show on earth”: Carnival. One of our local guides, Ricardo, embodies the island's spirit of bringing visitors deep into their culture. His involvement in the creation and development of heritage tours and heritage festivals throughout Trinidad and Tobago is "a matter of pride.”

Tourists to Trinidad and Tobago can participate in a wide range of activities which include wildlife photography in places such as El Tucuche Reserve, Valencia Wildlife Sanctuary and Caroni Bird Sanctuary; cave exploration at Gasparee Caves; cycling and hiking at Argyle Waterfall; and kayaking at Paria Bay and Tobago.

If you’re one of the lucky people heading to Trinidad and Tobago in 2012, consider meeting up with a local guide, like Ricardo. They’ll be eager to show you just why their homeland was accorded the “best destination” honour, and make sure your time to Trinidad and Tobago is unique and unforgettable.
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