Top 5 Things to Do in Agra

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Our guest blogger today is Ashish, an enthusiastic young guide from Agra, India, home of the iconic Taj Mahal. Ashish has assembled two lists: the top five things to do in Agra (there's more to the city than the Taj!) and the top five ways to enjoy Indian cuisine while you’re there.

Top five things to do in Agra (make sure you click through the photos at the top of the page!):

1. Be enthralled by the golden view of the Taj Mahal on a sunrise visit! Avoid the crowds as you experience the Taj in a special light.

2. Discover the hidden secrets of the nearby ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO-listed heritage site!

3. Take a ride in a cycle-rickshaw to explore the ancient markets of Agra- the colorful Kinari bazaar & Johari bazaar are captivating.

4. Enjoy sipping chai (tea) in a traditional clay-cup over a chat with locals

5. Don’t limit yourself to hotels: stay in an Indian family’s house for the authentic Indian experience!

Top five eating experiences in Agra:

1.Purify your senses by taking a delicious but pure vegetarian Indian meal!

2. After a day-long adventure, relax yourself with an Indian Kingfisher beer!

3. Enjoy dinner at a roof-top restaurant facing the heavenly Taj Mahal!

4. End your meal with an amazingly delicious sweet-Petha!

5. Sip a tasty lassi to cool down your senses on a hot sunny afternoon!
You can learn more about Ashish and his thoughtfully-designed tours around Agra here: Tours of Agra with Ashish.
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