2013 Company Retreat Shines the Spotlight on Guides

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ToursByLocals' second annual company retreat wrapped up in Vancouver today. It was amazing to see how our company has grown and changed since this time last year! We've added some new faces to the team: Alex, Jessica and Mike, and some team members have shifted roles and responsibilities, all in the name of moving forward and continuing to grow our company into a leader in the experiential travel market.

South American guide support manager Luciano flew in from Buenos Aires, customer support manager Paul made the trip from Montreal and we invited one of our guides - Kristian - to join us all the way from Copenhagen. It was wonderful to have Kristian's point of view at our three days of meetings. While one person can't represent the views and opinions of all of our 1700 guides, his perspective was fresh and helpful when discussing how best to help the guides on our system.

The guides were a strong focus of our retreat, as we decided at the beginning of the first day that the year to come would be the Year of the Guide. Our mandate at ToursByLocals is to "connect travelers with local guides." We want to make the experience of working with ToursByLocals as efficient, productive and enjoyable for our guides as possible, and to do everything in our power to set them up for success. Our guides are our partners and the backbone of our business; keeping them happy, busy and successful will only improve the private tour experience for our travelers.

On that note, by the end of the year, our guide-partners can expect to start seeing some changes to the system, including ideas for encouraging travelers help guide communities, and improved marketing and communication tools to make the tour booking process simpler for everyone.

Moving forward, the ToursByLocals team will continue to employ our values of Fairness, Trust, Integrity and Excellence in all we do.
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