Why do our guides have so many 4 and 5 star ratings?

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Occasionally people ask us why the ratings for the guides on our system are consistently 4 and 5 stars. Surely not every traveler is equally thrilled by their experience with the ToursByLocals guides?

The answer is pretty simple. For the most part, travelers are extremely happy with their chosen guide and tour, and their exuberant reviews reflect that. And on the rare occasion that a 1 or 2 star rating comes in, we take a look at the reason behind it - from both sides. Was the guide late for no good reason or did they send a last-minute, unannounced substitute in their place? Did they misrepresent their services? Were they poor representatives of their city? If any of these is true, we remove that guide from our system and more often than not, offer a refund to the traveler who did not receive the service they paid for.

Of course, sometimes travelers give ratings that we feel are overly harsh. Almost always, these stem from differing expectations. We take this as an opportunity to clarify the guide's profile and tour descriptions, suggest ways to improve and generally become a better guide. In this case, the 1 or 2 star rating remains, along with a management comment about the steps we've taken to address the problem.

As the many 5 star ratings show, the vast majority of travelers are genuinely thrilled with their guide and leave their tour feeling they’ve had an extremely rewarding day of travel, and made a friend in a new part of the world.
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