Any plans for St. Patrick's Day?

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Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, when the Irish and anyone with even the slightest connection to Ireland jump on board the Celtic bandwagon to join one of the world’s great parties. While St. Paddy’s Day started out as a religious observance, it’s become more of a secular holiday – a giant celebration of Irish culture.

In Canada, some of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations happen in Montreal, where a spectacular parade through the city’s downtown streets has been an annual event since 1824. St. John’s Newfoundland is a bastion of Irish heritage, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a pub along George St. that’s not packed on March 17th; Newfoundland is also the only province in Canada that declares March 17th an official holiday. On Canada’s West coast, Vancouver is hosting the week-long CelticFest, which offers a slew of live music, dance and theatre performances in venues round the city.

Our Irish guides: Barbara, Kieran, Joe, John, Rory, Paul, Gerald, Bobby, William, James and Finola are all gearing up for a week of celebrations in their hometowns of Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast and Londonderry. You could meet one of them on a private Ireland Tour.

Any plans to hit up an Irish pub in your city for a pint of green beer?
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