Why you need to visit Saltillo, Mexico

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Today we’re joined by a passionate guide and world-traveler from Saltillo, Mexico. Rodrigo has traveled to all seven continents, and loves to meet and make new friends by welcoming fellow travelers to his part of the world. With a degree in Tourism and Recreation from Texas A&M, Rodrigo has learned to be a passionate advocate for the benefits of sustainable, local tourism in Saltillo.

Howdy amigos!

In Saltillo we take pride in what we do. And we take the word leisure very seriously! We are committed to letting everyone know about our good people, good food, interesting history and good climate. Part of what make us a unique destination is our plethora of activities, sites and diverse culture for everyone in the family.

Saltillo is nestled in the desert state of Coahuila in North-east Mexico. Surrounded by inspiring mountains, its climate most of the year is temperate, and its landscape is an alluring mix between pine woods and chaparral desert lands. The geography has uncovered Dinosaur remains which make us 5th in the world on the New Fossil Discoveries Register. We are also host to paleo-Indian cultures which inhabited the surroundings leaving their traces for us to re-discover. Spanish conquistadors seeking “El Dorado” struggled to survive until finally they brought Tlaxcaltecan Indians from the south to help them fight off the Chichimecan tribes of the north.

During colonial times, Saltillo was the birth place for several missionary and gold rush expeditions which resulted in the settlement of surrounding cities such as Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, San Antonio (Texas), etc. Saltillo was once the last outpost and supply station before adventuring into the wild north.

The merging of both indigenous and European settlers provided fierce warriors during times of war, but peaceful farmers and arts and crafts makers during times of peace. This history repeated itself until the present, passing through the Mexico-USA war and the Mexican Revolution, until World War II. To this day, our people have been arrowheads in progress and the arts, providing the world with quality manufactured goods.

We in Saltillo are proud to say that we are an obligatory stop, a must-see city, a starting point en route for future explorations of other parts of Mexico and the USA. Why? Because Saltillo is an authentic heritage place which has kept its colonial charm along with 22 museums, great food joints and a vibrant nightlife!

Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, as a couple or with friends, with family or in a group next time you think about traveling to Mexico consider Saltillo and its good people! Our city provides comfortable, safe and friendly accommodations, tour operators like myself and staff to make your stay as enjoyable as we can for you.

If you wish to discover the Saltillo Valley please contact me! I, along with the many locals you will meet along the way, will gladly help you plan and enjoy your next trip to my part of Mexico.
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