Rio Guide Stars in CNN Documentary

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We're very proud of one of our Rio de Janeiro guides this week! Carlos starred in a CNN Inside Africa documentary titled: "From Samba to Carnival: Brazil's thriving African culture." Leading Shasta Darlington (the show's host) around Rio, Carlos gives a succinct history of the impact of the African slave trade on his city. In 1888, Brazil was the last nation to abolish the slave trade and Rio alone saw one million slaves arrive on its shores over the preceding 300 years.

Today, over half of Brazil's population identifies themselves as black or of mixed-race, and a rich mix of West African traditions influence modern Brazilian culture - from Samba to Carnival.

On camera, Carlos takes Shasta to the Sambadrome, where 100,000 screaming fans will witness Carnival's throbbing pageantry in February, and to a local samba night club to listen to live samba music.

Want to watch for yourself? You can find the video on CNN's site: CNN Inside Africa. And if you'd like to take advantage of Carlos' expert knowledge of his city on your next trip to Rio, you can learn more about him and start a conversation here: Carlos' guide page.
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