How to Pack for Your Mediterranean Cruise

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Ready for your August or September cruise getaway? Or perhaps you’re thinking about a last minute deal? Whatever brings you here, we’ve compiled a list of ‘must-haves’ for your
Mediterranean vacation!

Proper Clothing

Even during the summer it can get cool on deck during the evenings so be sure to pack one or two light sweaters. You’ll want comfortable outfits for sightseeing but also a few more polished looks for dinners and nights out. Keep in mind too that if you plan to visit many churches and other similar sites, you’ll want to respect the culture by covering your shoulders and legs.

Pro-tip: Check the cruise company website to get an idea of their dress code.

Comfortable Shoes

Nothing’s worse than arriving at a new place with your feet sore from yesterday’s adventures! Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes pre-cruise to avoid missing out on the fun. Runners or sandals with walking soles are both great options.

Local Currency

It can get expensive to exchange your money abroad, so plan ahead to avoid unnecessary fees. Also keep in mind that many little cafes and shops in Europe do not accept credit cards, so having cash on hand makes it easy to purchase any snacks or souvenirs that catch your eye!


Since you’ll be doing a ton of sightseeing through the day, it’s wise to have a simple day bag with you. Make sure it has straps so you can wear it across your body. This is not only more comfortable but keeps your belongings safe as well.


Depending on which cruise line you’ll be traveling, its handy to have an adapter on hand so you’re not stuck without charged electronics or a working blow dryer. In addition, if you plan on doing a night in any European city, you’ll definitely want one on hand.

Pro-tip: Two are better than one! If you and your companions are all traveling with smart phones, it can take a long time to make sure everyone is charged up with just one adapter.


Sunscreen can be ridiculously over-priced in tourist spots as well as on the cruise itself.
Save some extra pocket change for that glass of Merlot in Rome and buy your favourite brand before you depart!


Of course you’ll want to document every moment of your trip and make your friends and family jealous! Pack that camera. Be sure to pack extra memory cards and an extra battery as well, in case you go camera-crazy and need more room to document those special moments.


It’s a no brainer to bring a camera during your new adventure, however photos don’t capture the smells or feelings you experience when visiting new places. Keep a journal handy to document your experiences while traveling to help ensure your new memories are treasured for years to come.

Sticky notes

This item might sound crazy...but it's a fun and simple idea. Wifi is unreliable on most ships, making texting and messaging difficult. Instead, leave your cabin-mate a sticky note on the mirror letting them know where you are; it's an easy way to keep tabs on each other's whereabouts on the cruise ship.

We’d love to connect you with a local guide during your ports of call! Don’t forget to use our shore excursion tool to view your options!
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