10 Must-Sees in Odessa, Ukraine: tips from a local guide

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Our guest blogger today is Anna, a Ukrainian guide who lives and works in the beautiful seaside city of Odessa. She’s here to share with you some insider tips on the ten most important things to see and do while visiting her hometown.
Greetings from Sunny Odessa, Ukraine! To make an acquaintance with my beautiful city comfortable, exciting and interesting, I offer to your attention top ten things to do and to see in my native city. This top 10 list will help you to get an idea of the most important sights in my city, and surely help you to make the most of your stay, being able to see the best of Odessa, during the shortest period of time.

‎1.Odessa Sightseeing Tour - This tour quickly brings the guests of Odessa to the main highlights of the city, which may look familiar even to those who have never been here: the Opera House, the Potemkin Steps, the monument to Richelieu, Deribasovskaya Street.

2. Attending Odessa Catacombs - that is an exciting adventure of visiting Odessa’s underground labyrinths. The network of the longest catacombs in Europe is spread widely under the city and its suburbs.

3. Visiting Russian Banya - for an interesting local experience or quality time spending in Odessa, I recommend you visit the traditional Russian Steam Club. This traditional Russian Spa procedure is an unforgettable experience to get you acquainted with Russian and Slavic culture.

4. Attending performance at Odessa State Opera and Ballet Theatre - Due to its amazing design, outstanding exterior decorations of French rococo and exceptional interior of Italian Renaissance style, it is proudly ranked as the second most beautiful opera theatre in Europe.

5. Full day trip to Center of Culture of Wine in Shabo, Odessa - The taste and quality of wines, produced in Shabo which is located on the same wine latitude as famous Bordeaux wine yards speaks for itself.

6. Attending the Ancient Fortress Akkerman - we invite you to discover one of the jewels of Odessa region in Ukraine; the 2500 year old ancient fortress in old city Belgorod-Dnestrovsky.

7. Visiting Romantic Dolphin Show and swimming with dolpins - Swimming with dolphins is an excellent anti-stress activity and powerful injection of positive emotions. This amazing experience of acquaintance with playful creatures will remain with you for lifetime.

8. Renting yachts for full day or couple of hours or attending sea excursions - Sailing is one of the best ways to spend hot summer days in Odessa. If you are lucky you can even meet dolphins in the sea.

9. Full day tour to the entertaining park - ostrich farm - acquaintance with farm and ostrich breeding, picnic, mini-golf tournament and lots of fun times. Great for families!

10. Tasting our national dishes: Borsch (Борщ), Pirogi (Пироги), Vareniky (Вареники).

Warmest hugs from Odessa, Ukraine!

Thank you, Anna! For any travelers heading to Odessa, Ukraine this fall, or sometime in 2012, consider getting in touch with Anna. You can find her guide profile here: Odessa guide profile.
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