See the "Soul of a Nation" in Ireland's Nire Valley

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Today our guide Mick in the Comeragh Mountains of Ireland has written us to talk about the beautiful Nire Valley of County Waterford. This is a place you'll want to visit if your travels are taking you to the Emerald Isle. As Mick explains, "We are a destination for those who wish to seek out the authentic soul of a nation."

When tired legs and a heavy load on your back bring a smile to your face, you know you are somewhere special. After a days walk in the Nire Valley the sight of your guesthouse bathed in a warm welcoming glow with the promise of good food, a warm shower and dry clothes is a pleasure that both calms the soul and fills the body with pride at what you have achieved.

This is not the only simple pleasure you will have experienced today. The wonderful and simple pleasure of a packed lunch on the Comeragh Mountains at 700m after walking all morning borders on the exotic; it is amazing how fresh, oxygen drenched, air can make simple sandwiches taste supreme and imagine how the smoked salmon and brown bread sandwiches taste, it’s a five star experience. After all, in what restaurant, café or diner can you pull up a rock and have a view of the coast, Slievenamon, the Knockmealdown Mountains and the Galty Mountains?

All that hard work getting up here will now be rewarded by a stroll down hill and into the wooded glades of the Nire Valley. Your guide, who is a local and is known as SherpaMick brings the Nire Valley to life with stories, insights and local lore of the Comeragh Mountains and the Nire Valley. As you come down the mountain SherpaMick has stories on the plants that grow on the hedges and in the fields: which are edible, which are not and which ordinary looking “weed” led to the discovery of Aspirin.

You just know that dinner tonight will be a pleasure for the taste buds and all the stories and tales will be remembered with people you met on the walk. After dinner you are amazed that you still have energy to go to Hanrahan’s Pub or the Bridge Bar for a pint only to find yourself dancing a half-set, singing a ballad...and there are more mountains to be conquered tomorrow. Life is good.

Mick also has two guesthouses in the area; Hanora’s Cottage and Glasha Farmhouse. Both are award winning and he promises that you will be pampered during your stay. We have a feeling you just might not want to leave.
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