Local Guide Offers Different Reasons to Visit Kenya

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Today’s guest blogger is Rosebell, a guide from Nairobi. Rosebell is extremely well-versed in Kenya's tourism offerings, from watching the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara to urban cultural tours of Nairobi. In this piece, Rosebell gives us a local's look at a different side of Kenyan culture.

Over the past few decades, the world has developed an image of Kenya as a leading safari destination with vast natural game reserves, very hospitable people, and unspoilt culture. This is all true. However there is another culture that offers exciting activities, thrilling extreme sports and hands on ecological adventures that put visitors in touch with what is arguably the oldest environment known to man. People travel for different reasons looking for different excitements, and the following will give you a different reason to come to Kenya.

Pre-Historic Archeological Sites. The Olorgesailie Acheulian Site, 90km south west of Nairobi, is characterized by in situ displays of prehistoric materials including numerous hand axes, and fossilized skeletons of extinct species of elephants and hippos dating from 1.2 million years ago. The Nairobi National Museum tells the history of mankind with original fossils that are found nowhere else in the world. Lake Turkana hosts fossils of kenyanthropus plaryops dating back over 2.6 million years ago, which suggest that proto-humans roamed the area more than 20 million years ago. Recent discoveries around the same location have generated a lot of discussions on the origin of humans.

Motor Sports. To all the Motor sport lovers, Nairobi is the base for some serious thrills. The K.C.B (Kenya Commercial Bank) Safari Rally is one of the most enjoyed rallies in Kenya; they say it separates the men from the boys. This is one event you don’t need to fix a date for because it runs throughout the year in different parts of the country. The East-Africa Safari Rally recently brought back its famous long-lost glory. It only comes once a year and they race through Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The Rhino Charge Rally is a tough competition, with gutsy drivers riding tough vehicles on very rough, rocky, marshy places through valleys and hills. They pass through seemingly un-passable routes: it’s an event you will live to remember and I highly recommend this fun trip to all.

Motor bike races feature high adrenaline racers and this happens every week at the Nairobi Jamhuri ground. Concour d’Elegance is for vintage car lovers. Old vehicles are reconditioned without interfering with their original status, polished to a sparkling shine and then shown at the event. There are other activities like performances from local musicians and comedians. Towards the end of the event the winners are awarded and the most well dressed couple is rewarded too.

Besides the above, the club scene in Nairobi is very much alive and the restaurants offer a wide range of world-class cuisines.

After you’ve seen “traditional” Kenya, take Rosebell’s advice and save some time to bear witness to Nairobi’s modern culture too. Rosebell is an expert on both of Kenya’s faces: the old and the new. You can meet her and ask questions at: Private Nairobi Tours.
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