New York Times Travel Show Recap

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We're back from a terrific four days in New York City speaking with thousands of travellers, travel agents, media and tour operators at the New York Times Travel Show. How did it go?

Well, last things first: our crew made it out of the city on the last flight before the "historic storm" (that never quite materialized) grounded all flights out of New York. A last minute shuffle put us on the 11:30am flight on Monday out of La Guardia, the final Air Canada flight to leave that day. As tempting as it was to get cozy for a couple more days in at the Hotel Metro in Manhattan, family was calling.

The four days preceding this were productive, satisfying and fun. As always, it was wonderful to spend time with our local guide partners. In addition to being great company, they always teach us something new about their city. We came away from the trip with knowledge as varied as where to find the hottest rooftop bar in Manhattan, how Houdini escaped handcuffs in McSorley's, why New York's "squares" are really more like triangles, and exactly how much the latest billionaire paid for that penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park.

Bill, Robin, Ammiel, Gary, Matthew, Geovanni, Harry, Remo and Richard: it was great to see these guides at dinner and helping out in our booth over the weekend. A special thank you to our newest New York City guide, Ronald (Scott), who made three trips out to the airport to pick up Sara, David, Paul and Dave. This chauffeur service was an unexpected luxury, and we're so grateful for your time!

We have to mention our show-stopper, Safiye. Our Turkish friend and Istanbul guide was fortunately in New York City during the travel show. She took time away from touring the Big Apple to spend time with us at our booth. Every traveller she spoke to was delighted to meet her, and it was wonderful to have a living, breathing example of a TBL guide there to represent our company.

Thanks to the dozens of ToursByLocals travellers who took the time to stop by our booth at the show and say "hello" on Saturday and Sunday. It was great to recognize a few familiar faces from the year before, along with some new ones. We particularly appreciated you sharing your stories with the new customers who stopped by the booth to learn more about us.

Less than a month until the next show...Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show on February 21 and 22. Hope to see the West Coasters there!
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