Five Must-Sees in Moscow

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Today we are lucky to have an eloquent and passionate Muscovite as our guest blogger. Tatiana has lived in Russia’s capital city since she was ten years old; she describes Moscow as a bundle of contradictions: “charming and austere, old-fashioned and genuinely modern, yet overall wonderful.” Following are Tatiana’s suggestions for the top five things you should do when visiting her city.

Top Five Things to Do in Moscow

1. Home is where your heart is, they say. And the heart of Moscow is definitely the Kremlin. Not only is it the starting point of the city's history, but Russia's stronghold and spiritual hub. Tsars lived and were buried here, priests held the most important religious services, people came seeking protection from their enemies. Having entered the Kremlin over the drawbridge you will find yourself amid several centuries of political and social history, merged together, creating a glorious architectural ensemble of past and present.

2. Taking a high speed elevator to the observation deck of the Ostankino Television Tower (located at 337 m above the ground) will afford you a bird's eye view of the city. The floor is made of glass to give you the impression of floating over Moscow. And the view is magnificent!

3. If you have an hour or two to spare you might consider going to one of Moscow’s former nobility estates with beautiful mansions and large parks, filled with charm, elegance and courtly chic. Once there you might wish you had an old-fashioned frock with you!

4. Take a stroll in the New Maiden Convent (Novodevichy) and the pond surrounding it, an embodiment of peace and quiet. Architecturally, it is an astonishingly graceful and effortless 17th century ensemble of rosy red and white. Spiritually, it is a world of its own. Legend says that Napoleon was so taken by its beauty that he refused to leave Moscow without setting fire to the convent first, and the disaster was averted only due to the exceptional courage of the nuns.

5. And lastly, no visit to Moscow will be complete without attending a performance at the Bolshoi Theatre, which still remains the best opera and ballet theatre in Russia. Even if you are not into the arts, the performance never fails to impress with its class and style.

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