Why You Should Visit Morocco in 2017

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Ismail is a long-time ToursByLocals guide, and hails from a Berber village in southern Morocco. He joins us today to explain why a trip to Morocco is more than worth the short trip from Europe.

Morocco is just a few kilometers from Europe, and a very easy trip from Spain. Our country opens it arms to hug everybody; the variety of its geography offers all the kind of vacations. From the beaches - either Atlantic or Mediterranean - to the Atlas mountains and the sand dunes of the great Sahara desert. Even in winter there are many places where you can enjoy the sunshine, relaxing and sunbathing on sun-warmed beaches.

Furthermore, when you visit Morocco, you save your travel money, as they are plenty of affordable accommodations where you can stay and eat, and many adventurous activities to enjoy. Curious about what you can do in my country? Imagine hiking through the beautiful Oases of the south, surfing, climbing the mountains, going camel trekking, even skiing (not only on snow but also on sand…) In other words, here in Morocco, you could live four seasons in one day.

In addition, Morocco has a huge cultural and historical heritage, with many well-preserved places, like mosques, fountains and berber villages. Obviously in Fes, Medina and Marrakech, the atmospheric medinas date back to medieval time.

Moreover, food is very delicious and life is spicy in Morocco. Try the Tajjine and Couscous! Vegetables and fruits are abundant; almost every city has its specialty. Agadir is famous for Argan oil which is unique to this region all over the world, Erfoud for dates, Midelt for apples, Walidia for oysters, Taroudant for oranges….

Above all, Moroccans are very hospitable and tolerant, since throughout history a lot of civilizations passed through our lands, making Morocco one of the most diverse countries in Africa.

Don't tell us you're not convinced! And when you start planning your trip to Morocco, consider getting in touch with Ismail to plan the perfect itinerary for you.
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