Our 140th country: Mongolia!

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Sometimes it takes us a while to find the right guide in a new location. This means occasionally travellers are disappointed to find no ToursByLocals guides available where they are travelling. But we'd rather you be delighted by the perfect guide than merely satisfied with a mediocre experience, so we take our time to find the right partner.

For years we've wanted a guide in Mongolia, but the right candidates never presented themselves. We've ramped up our guide recruiting efforts recently with several new staff hires, and now we're thrilled to say we finally have a guide in Ulan Bator!

Adiyabold lives in the Mongolian city of Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator). From what he tells us, this isn't a city you'll soon forget. Sitting in the Tull River Valley, and bordering Bogd Khan Uul National Park, it's a place of remarkable contrasts. The pristine wilderness and traditions of rural Mongolia butt up against the city's wild traffic and booming consumerism, while within the city's borders, you'll see Buddhist monks rubbing shoulders with suit-clad businessmen.

Adiya, as he likes to be called, has four children and his family loves to spend time outdoors in nature. Search for images of Mongolia and you'll see there is plenty of outdoor adventure to be had! For travellers who want to leave the city, Adiya can arrange to take you into the Khustai Mountains, where you can spot the wild Przewalski horses, and perhaps visit a traditional nomadic family. Mongolian hospitality is legendary, and you'll most likely be invited to share tea and a meal wherever you go.

Mongolia is a true adventure destination, one that is opening its arms to travellers in the 21st century. As Lonely Planet writes, "the spectacular countryside, vast steppes, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife and livestock make this true wilderness experience so appealing." If you've decided to venture to this beautiful part of the world, you now have a trusted guide waiting to welcome you.
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