The Ultimate Guide to Mexico City's Best Attractions

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Monica, a friendly, knowledgeable and extremely popular local guide in Mexico City has created for us the ULTIMATE Top 5 list for her city: below you’ll find the Top 5 things to see, places to eat, neighbourhoods to explore, museums to visit, family friendly activities, and daytrips out of Mexico City. So put away your guidebook for a moment and plan your trip to this incredible place with genuine tips from a local expert.

Top 5 things to see/do in Mexico City
• The Anthropology Museum
• The Historic Center
• The National University of Mexico (UNAM)
• The Chapultepec Castle
• The Basilica de Guadalupe

Top 5 places to eat
• La Casa de las Sirenas (Downtown)
• Hacienda de los Morales (Polanco)
• San Angel Inn (San Angel)
• Danubio (Downtown)
• Los Almendros ( Polanco)

Top 5 neighbourhoods to explore
• La Condesa
• Roma
• Polanco
• Coyoacan
• Tlalpan

Top 5 museums
• National Museum of Anthropology
• Museum of the Templo Mayor
• Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts
• National Museum of Art (MUNAL)
• San Ildelfonso College

Top 5 family-friendly activities
• Boat ride in Xochimilco
• Wander around Coyoacan
• Stroll around San Angel on Saturdays
• Promenade Paseo de la Reforma & see the city from the observatory deck of the Latin American Tower.
• Go to Lucha Libre at Arena Mexico

Top 5 daytrips from the city
• Teotihuacan
• Taxco
• Puebla
• Xochicalco
• Valle de Bravo

If you’re interested in starting a conversation with Monica about how best to enjoy yourself when in her hometown, you can find her here: Monica’s Guide Page.
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