Feb 5, 2012
ToursByLocals heads to SE Asia!
This week a member of the ToursByLocals admin team is embarking on a major out-of-office adventure. Leaving behind his headset and view of the Fraser River, Customer Service and Guide Rep Matthew will be flying to Bali, Indonesia for the start of a two-month long business trip through South East Asia. photo
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Matt's itinerary is ambitious: he will be trying to meet in person with all of our guides in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. He'll get a chance to share some best practices with them, and get their thoughts and opinions about the ToursByLocals system to bring back to our admin team. Along the way, Matthew will be walking the beaches (probably literally!) to find the best local guides in places like Koh Samui, Melaka and Nha Trang.

Trips like this provide wonderful opportunities to learn from and connect with our many diverse and enthusiastic guides. And Matthew has promised to fill us in on the adventures he's sure to have over the next few months. Watch our blog for stories about Thai beaches, Malaysian street food, treks up Javan volcanoes and the many fascinating people Matthew will surely meet along the way.

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