The Seven Wonders of Lviv

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Today we are lucky to feature a lovely guest blogger with many names: she can be Irene if you speak English, Iryna in Ukrainian, Irena in Polish, or Irina in Russian. Iryna lives in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv, and would like to share with you the places she believes make Lviv special – in her words, the “seven wonders of Lviv.”

Every city has its “face”; Lviv’s visage is definitely distinct and unique. The places listed below create an unforgettable image of Lviv and make it different from any other city in the world:

1. Opera House – opened in 1900, constructed in three years only, it is one of the most beautiful in Europe.
2. Armenian Church – its structure dates back to 1363 with mysterious murals by Jan Henrik Rozen, created in 1927.
3. Lychakiv Cemetery – a unique 18th century necropolis, with symbolic sculptures and grave stones.
4. St.George Cathedral – an 18th century Baroque masterpiece of Western Ukraine.
5. Boim Chapel – 17th century architecture with "sitting" Jesus on the top.
6. Court of Assumption Church with the Three Prelates Chapel – built in the 16th century.
7. Shevchenko Hay – Museum of Wooden Folk Architecture.

Of course, people’s tastes are all different, but Lviv reminds me of a piece of art which can satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding art lovers. Modern Lviv is rich in local traditions, which live in harmony with modern dynamic life. Cosy cafes and restaurants frequented by hospitable and joyful people create Lviv's enchanting atmosphere which has always attracted artists, musicians and writers as well as other dear guests to the city. All that remains is for you to come here and create your own list of “Lviv wonders”!

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