Eat like the locals in Luxor, Egypt

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Egyptian guide Nahla is joining us today to talk about the best places to eat like a local in Luxor, Egypt. Nahla is a certified Egyptologist and extremely knowledgeable about ancient Egyptian art, culture and history – but she is just as eager to show visitors the “real” modern-day Egypt, with authentic local experiences at markets, schools and small-scale farms.

Here are my suggestions for the Top 5 Restaurants to Eat at in Luxor. They aren’t necessarily the fanciest ones, but will give you a truly local experience of delicious, traditional Egyptian cuisine.

1 - El Hussyen Restaurant is a great option for the visitor who is interested in eating authentic rich-flavoured Egyptian cuisine. The food of El Hussyen is exactly typical to the daily cooked home Egyptian dishes we enjoy every day. They serve fresh Egyptian juices and fruits; this is a fresh delicious meal for a moderate price.

2 - Smiley Restaurant is a good small local restaurant for those who are interested in Shawerma, Kofta Sandwich. It’s perfect for lunch meals. Again,real Egyptian cuisine with moderate prices.

3 - El Husseyn Seafood Restaurant is perfect for fish and sea food lovers, who enjoy its various dishes of the Nile fish and Red Sea fish with a traditional Egyptian salad and fresh fruits. (This place is perfect for dinner.)

4 - AlZaeem Take-away Restaurant is a typical local Egyptian sank restaurant, thousands of its type are spread all over Egypt and they are very popular among the locals. Its menu is rich in Kosheri dish (the national vegetarian meal), Falafel sandwiches, and of course the most famous Egyptian Foul (brown beans) sandwich, which rest in peace in every Egyptian stomach! (Very very cheap, at only $1 per meal.)

5 – Just in case you’ve had too much Egyptian cooking (is this possible??) Maxime Restaurant serves international cuisine for those who miss home cooking!

Thanks Nahla for the great suggestions (and for helping us avoid the typical tourist traps). If anyone is traveling to Luxor this fall, consider getting in touch with Nahla for more truly Egyptian experiences. You can find her here:
Nahla’s guide profile page.
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