London Calling

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So did you do it? If you live in North America, did you set your alarm to wake you at an ungodly hour so you could watch the live feed from Westminster Abbey and the Mall? At the time of writing, ToursByLocals staff is undecided whether the Royal Wedding merits loss of sleep or not… but with a projected audience of two billion, we’re certain many people on this side of the Atlantic will be yawning at work today.

Whether you’re a part of a constitutional monarchy or a republic, if you’ve ever traveled to London, you’ll have little doubt that it’s one of the world’s great cities. Spend a week there and you’ll barely scratch the surface. Live there and you’ll still spend your weekends discovering new neighbourhoods, museums, pubs and parks. It’s a city that thrives on both the charm of the old and a very modern, multi-cultural sensibility.

It’s also a great place to get insider tips from a local. Anyone can (and should!) see Big Ben, St Paul’s and Westminster Abbey. But knowing what time to show up at Burrough Market for the best selection of fresh local food, where to find a great pub after a stroll through Hampstead Heath, or how to navigate London’s convoluted “Tube” system will only make your trip to this legendary city more memorable.

Whether you choose to watch the Royal Wedding or not, make plans to visit London sometime soon! Tour London with a local
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