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Hello and welcome to the inaugural TBL Blog post! We’re looking forward to the chance to share our enthusiasm for travel destinations around the world – from Capetown to Vancouver, Prague to Buenos Aires.

On our blog you’ll get a chance to learn a bit more about the people behind ToursByLocals, where we like to travel, the services we like to use, and why we’re passionate about what’s been dubbed the “local travel movement”. More importantly, you’ll get a chance to meet our guides, as they pop in from time to time to offer travel tips for their cities and towns. Want to know the Top 5 things to do in Kyoto, according to a local? Or where to eat in Rio? Our guides, the real people in the know, provide you with up-to-the-minute suggestions.

We hope this blog becomes an opportunity to exchange knowledge, and for you to not only learn about us, but for us to get to know you better too. Questions, suggestions, travel tips, and differences of opinion will all be welcomed. Visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/toursbylocals to comment and share your stories! If there is a particular travel topic or question you'd like to see addressed here, submit your idea (to the right of this text, the "submit" button).

With your participation, we’ll become a richer, more diverse and more engaging travel community.
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