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Space travel is the absolute final frontier for the adventurous, been-there-done-that type of traveler. If (like the majority of us) you don't have the funds required for a trip into space, head to the next best place: the Kennedy Space Center! Luke, our guide in Port Canaveral, (and also an engineer on the Space Shuttle!) joins us today to tell us about three absolute must-see attractions while you're visiting the famous "gateway to the stars".

If you are visiting the central Florida area or your cruise ship is making a stop in Port Canaveral, a must see attraction is the Kennedy Space Center, America’s gateway to the stars. Just an hour from Orlando, Kennedy Space Center is America’s spaceport that launched the Apollo missions that landed men on the Moon, and all 135 missions of the Space Shuttle. While there are many attractions to see, there are three attractions that you should not miss.

First, board an air-conditioned bus for a guided tour of the Kennedy Space Center. During the tour, you will see the huge Vehicle Assembly Building where the rockets are assembled, and the Crawler-Transporter which transports the assembled rockets to one of two ocean-side launch pads where they are launched. The final stop on the tour is the Apollo-Saturn 5 Center. Inside, you’ll step inside Apollo-Saturn Launch Control to experience the launch of the mighty Saturn 5 moon rocket. You will feel the power of this massive rocket as it roars off the launch pad as if you were actually there, even though the last one was launched nearly 30 years ago! When you exit the firing room, there is a real Saturn 5 rocket for you to explore, the most powerful rocket ever flown!

Back at the Visitors Center, ride into space aboard the Space Shuttle Launch Experience and feel what it is like to ride the Space Shuttle into orbit. Feel the noise, the vibrations and the forces astronauts experience during a launch, and see Earth from a perspective that few have seen before.

Finally, travel with the astronauts of Space Shuttle Atlantis on the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope in the phenomenal IMAX film Hubble 3-D. You will feel like you are right there alongside the astronauts as they service our window to the universe!

Don’t miss these three main attractions, which will take about 6 hours to see. If you have more time, check out the Astronaut Encounter to hear what spaceflight is like from an astronaut who has been there. There is a full size model of the Space Shuttle to explore, real rockets from past programs in the Rocket Garden and a great gift shop. The tour price includes the price of admission to the Visitors Center. Come visit Kennedy Space Center, it is a fun day for the whole family!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, Luke. If anyone is planning a trip to Florida's Space Coast for 2012, consider getting in touch with Luke for some truly insider knowledge of all things space-travel related!
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