ToursByLocals Guide Featured in Indonesian Press

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We recently received an interesting message from our guide Ira, who lives and works on the central Indonesian island of Java. Ira had been speaking to a reporter from the country's national newspaper, Seputar Indonesia, and sent us a link to the article.
In the article, Ira talks to the journalist about the benefits of getting involved in Java's tourism industry by becoming a ToursByLocals guide. She is enjoying showing travelers around Jakarta, while earning a good living and furthering her career in tourism. Through ToursByLocals, she has so far met groups of tourists from the United States, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia (all of whom, it should be noted, gave her a solid 5-star rating on our site.)

This, at least, is what we deduce through the google translate app we used to translate the article into English. While we boast many languages between us at the ToursByLocals office, no one can speak a word of Bahasa Indonesian. (Well, that's not strictly true. I do still remember how to say "thank you"!)

So, terima kasih Ira, for taking the time to talk about your positive experience with ToursByLocals! We're grateful to have you as such an enthusiastic part of our team.
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