Discover Classic Ireland away from the Ring of Kerry

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Joining us today is local Irish guide Roghan from County Laois, Ireland. His hometown of Timahoe is unlikely to ring any bells, not being on the well-trod tourist circuit of southwest Ireland. But travelers looking to discover classic Irish countryside, cosy villages and a warm Celtic welcome shouldn’t miss it!

Hello all! Conas ata tu! My name is Roghan from Timahoe, Co Laois, Ireland. I am passionate about showing off parts of Ireland that may not be well known. There is more to Ireland than the usual tourist sites at Dublin, Killarney, and Galway. Now there are without a doubt fantastic sights to be seen there, but Ireland has a lot more to offer and I want to show you the places you won’t see written up in most guidebooks.

In county Laois, we have rolling green countryside, beautiful lakes and rivers, ancient monuments and loads of attractive pubs and restaurants. Manor Houses such as Emo Court dot the landscape, along with stone abbeys from the Middle Ages and the evocative ruins at the Rock of Dunamaise. The Slieve Bloom Mountains in county Laois were once the highest mountain range in Europe and are among some of the oldest mountain ranges on the continent. Laois is also lucky to be situated in the centre of Ireland; in fact it's the most land-locked county in the country. We are surrounded by beautiful counties and most attractions are no more than one hour away on the number of motorways that divide the county.

Check out my tours or even suggest a tour to me and I will endeavour to facilitate your requirements.

2013 is the perfect year to plan a trip to Ireland. According to the Irish Ministry of Tourism, over 70 million people worldwide claim Irish ancestry. In recognition of this, the Ministry in partnership with Tourism Ireland and Fáilte Ireland, has launched the biggest tourism initiative in Irish history, called “The Gathering 2013.” The Gathering provides the perfect excuse for us to reach out to those who have moved away, our relatives, friends and descendants, and invite them home. But of course you don't need even a drop of Irish blood in you to attend! It will be a magical year to visit, as thousands of unique cultural events are being staged throughout our country.

Ireland is a country full of hidden charms and I want to show them off to the world!

Roghan is clearly a high-energy, positive and enthusiastic Irishman with a strong interest in showing off his home and country. Anyone traveling to Ireland in the coming months should consider getting in touch with Roghan to spend a bit of time “off the beaten path” to enjoy some of the unspoilt towns and villages, lakes and river that dot County Laois. He guarantees you a fabulous time in a fabulous country!
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