Go Big or Go Home: Why You Can't Miss Hawaii's Big Island

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Hawaii has been described as “nature at its most luscious.” No eye-rolling: it really is true! Anyone who has taken a trip to these emerald islands, rooted in the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, and tickled by warm wafts of hibiscus-scented air, tends to agree: Hawaii really is paradise.

One of our newest guides hails from Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island (Hawai’i), a place deserving perhaps even more superlatives than the rest of Hawaii. The Big Island really is big: it is twice the size of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. It’s also incredibly diverse, boasting nearly every one of the earth’s ecological zones. We’re not done yet: Hawai’i is home to five of the largest and most active volcanoes on earth, including the immense and dramatic Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The Big Island has many well-preserved cultural sites and being the birthplace of Kamehameha, the Great Ruler, it acts as a spiritual home to many Hawaiians.

Scott is our guide on the Big Island. While he’s new to ToursByLocals, he’s not new to the guiding profession, and is experienced at leading small, personal tours around the South and East parts of Hawai’i. Scott is understandably proud of his home, calling it: “the most spectacular place on earth” and he admits to having a bit of an obsession with “showing off this amazing island to as many folks as possible.” We get it! If we lived on Scott’s island, we’d probably want to show it off too.

The only thing travelers find lacking in Hawai’i is time! There will never be time enough to explore all of the island’s ancient stone heiau, lava deserts, steaming craters, fertile rain forests, coastal communities, black sand beaches and welcoming towns. But even if your time is short, Scott will help you make the most of it (although he doesn’t promise you won’t want to come back for more!)

Here’s hoping you’ll be saying “Aloha” sometime soon!
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