Golden Gate Bridge Turns 75

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A very big icon is about to celebrate a very big birthday. While it won’t be able to blow out the candles on its cake, hordes of adoring fans will give it a hand on May 27th. So what are we celebrating? San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is turning 75!

When the bridge was finished at the height of the Great Depression, it became the longest suspension bridge in the world. While it no longer holds that title, its icon status is indisputable. Our local guides in San Francisco are unfailingly asked by visitors where to capture the quintessential shot of the Golden Gate, along with recommendations for the best spots to eat and shop in the surrounding area. There’s no doubt that the Golden Gate is a major crowd-pleaser.

This year, with the bridge turning 75 on May 27, the city is prepped to celebrate. Foot and bicycle traffic across the bridge is peaking, as locals and visitors alike all strive to become a part of the bridge’s living history, snapping photos of the bridge and themselves from the purpose-built viewing areas.

Two full days of music, dance, entertainment, art and exhibits begin tomorrow morning, culminating with a major fireworks display on Crissy Field on Sunday night, accompanied by elegant 1930s-themed dinners served at Bay-side restaurants and grand private homes with views of the bridge.

If you want to be a part of the celebrations without necessarily getting caught up in the crowds, Alec Scott (a San Francisco resident writing for the Globe and Mail) has a suggestion:

...there’s a quieter place to meet the bridge – and to get that key shot – away from the crowds and anniversary hoopla. Get onto one of the surprisingly unfrequented trails that wind along the Pacific coast, just southwest of the landmark – one leading through an abandoned Second World War bunker, past native shrubs and flowers, down to Marshall’s Beach.

Many of our San Francisco guides would agree, and can take you on the peaceful hike that leads to this prime viewing spot – or to other secret locations they’re familiar with. If you’re planning a trip to the San Francisco Bay area anytime soon, consider getting in touch with Ryan, Elizabeth, Gary, Rick or Craig to introduce you to the Golden Gate and San Francisco’s many other unique attractions.
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