Find that Christmas Feeling in Frankfurt, Germany

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The days are almost at their shortest, the sun is low in the sky and snow threatens from the lowering clouds. Tourists are thin on the ground in Europe, making it a lovely time to explore atmospheric streets and cafes without the thronging summer crowds. Germany holds a special allure for those who choose to travel here in the weeks leading up to the winter solstice: the traditional German Christmas Markets.

Last week our guide in Munich detailed some of the lively Christmas markets in Bavaria; today Marion from Frankfurt is here to tell us what it’s like to take a few hours to explore her city’s Christmas markets.

Maybe December is not the nicest-weather month to travel to Germany...Germany is a cold country and in December temperatures sometimes go down to -7°C (18°F). The days are short and you have to navigate icy streets as well as snow or rain showers. Considering all that, there IS one very good reason to travel to Germany in December: it's the German Christmas markets! These markets, which are spread all over Germany, brighten up the picturesque little towns in that darkest time of the year.

Strolling over a Christmas market inspires all your senses: the smell of roasted chestnuts and malted wine, the taste of sugar almonds and the rich glow of beeswax candles. You see colourful decorated stands with nutcrackers, handcrafted wooden Christmas decorations, linen tablecloths and fine porcelain, while warming up with a cup of spiced "Gluehwein" in your hand, listening to the joyous sound of Christmas carols, trumpet concerts and church bells ringing.

A visit to a German Christmas market is like a walk through "once upon a time". Mostly located in the old part of the town centres, the markets offers a beautiful background with half timbered houses and broken stone walls, while your feet stroll over old fashioned cobblestone streets.

Why not take a flight to Germany to get in the right mood for Christmas? Or why not take the opportunity during your layover at Frankfurt airport to take a few hours to get inspired by that wonderful atmosphere?

There are several Christmas markets in the Frankfurt area, most of them opened for business on November 24 and will stay open until Christmas Eve. Get in touch with our guide Marion, who is ready to help you find that German Christmas feeling!
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