Tips From a Local: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Today we’ve asked Croatian guide Pepo to comment on what he thinks are the top five experiences every visitor must have when traveling around the coastal city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Here's what Pepo recommends:

1. The village households in the Dubrovnik Littoral, Župa Dubrovačka and Konavle are well-known for their characteristic atmosphere, customs and folklore, and particularly for their candid, cordial and cheerful hosts. While you taste the delicious Dalmatian smoked ham, cheese and zelena menestra (smoked meat and cabbage stew) by the old fireplace, the host will propose a toast to you with a glass of fine red or white wine, and your hair will smell of pine-wood, laurel, wormwood and other Mediterranean plants that grow wild within your reach.

2. The world’s second longest wall (after the Great Wall of China) is the wall of Ston, the small town famous, among other things, for cultivation of shellfish, particularly the oysters with aphrodisiac properties. In the times of the Dubrovnik Republic, Ston was the second most important town. Its wealth was derived from the salt works that are still in function today. Although most known for the spectacular city walls, that are considered to be the second longest in the world, today this region is also famous for being the oyster capital of Croatia. Here you will be served a nice sea food platter (octopus, mussels, small fish and an oyster).

3. The Pelješac Peninsula is the best-known wine-growing area in the south of Croatia, where the wine routes take you to the places where you can enjoy the typical Plavac Mali wine variety and the recently discovered truffles. The Milo family wine cellar is today certainly one of the foremost representatives of wine production in the region. During the visit to the cellar you can enjoy a pleasant wine tasting.

4. Thanks to its geographical position, Dubrovnik offers international one-day excursions to the Bay of Kotor Montenegro, the pilgrimage to Međugorje and visits to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the meeting place of the East and West.

5. In the charming village of Orasac take part in the production of olive oil in the old fashioned way, where the mill is driven by a horse. This trip through time will certainly delight you. Here you will also have the opportunity to taste some homemade cheese, smoked ham and wine. All this in an old house which has not changed much through the ages.

We had to cut Pepo off there, but he had a slew of other suggestions to share with us. Learn more about Pepo and his thoughtfully designed tours around Dalmatia: Pepo’s Dubrovnik Tours.
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