ToursByLocals Joined by its First Cuban Guide

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We're very happy this week to add a new country to our growing list of ToursByLocals destinations, and a new guide to our network! Welcome to Roland, who lives and works in historic Havana, Cuba.
Have you ever been to Cuba? Seasoned Caribbean travelers and first-timers alike are surprised and delighted by the cultural richness, natural beauty and sheer exuberance to be found on this small island nation. All the iconography we associate with Cuba - from the cigars, classic 50s cars, Che Guevera and Hemingway to Mojitos, Cuba Libres, Salsa dancing and white sand beaches - are waiting.

Roland's role is to show you the Cuba that lies outside of the resorts, from the local Salsa music scene to the faded colonial grandeur of Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

Legendary Havana is a prime place to begin your Cuban exploration. The city's romantic atmosphere is almost palpable, from Habana Vieja's enchanting colonial monuments to its thriving late-night cabaret scene. The UNESCO-listed city of Trinidad is one of Cuba's most visited towns, attracting travelers with its colourful and attractively preserved colonial streets. And Roland - a native French speaker - won't want you to miss the French-influenced city of Cienfuegos.

So when you're ready to leave the beaches at Varadero behind and get to know the country a little better, consider getting in touch with Roland for a superb cultural tour of Cuba.
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